Identifying structure with your cmor card

The colors on your CMOR Chart are a useful tool to understand the depth and type of bottom. Red represents the shallowest part of the data set and violets are the deepest. So just like the rainbow spectrum you can rank the depth by color, ROYGBIV - the black shading is relief.


Here we are looking at a reef. The orange is the top of the structure (shallowest part by color ranking) and you can see black shading outlining a natural shape, with black spots on top outlining holes. This is a great way to identify a hard bottom.


Here you can see that the bottom has a similar look the the reef in section 1 but is more consistent with a yellow/green color. This means it does not have a dramatic change in depth, but looks to share a similar visual to the reef which can be identified as a hard bottom.


Here we are looking at wrecks. You can see the black shading gradually fades to the north without the presence of black spots like section 1. This appears to be a softer bottom with the current pushing north.



CMOR cards are compatible with all units capable of running the Lighthouse II and Lighthouse 3 interfaces. In order to support CMOR Mapping, units must have at least v17 software installed. Units include:

  • Axiom Series

  • Axiom Pro

  • Hydbrid Touch

  • aSeries

  • cSeries

  • eSeries

  • eS Series

  • gS Series

  • Dragonfly Series

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