Tortuga Bank / Florida Canyon CMOR Card


Tortuga Bank / Florida Canyon CMOR Card


The Tortugas Bank / Florida Canyon chip is a single CMOR mapping card that covers the well known west side of the Dry Turtugas and the very rarely fished Florida Canyons further to the west.

The Florida Canyon area has 4076 square miles of coverage with depths ranging from 1000' in red to 11,200' in purple.  You easily see the canyons running up to the shallower areas and the nice structure on the flat ares in 2000'.

The Tortugas Bank area has 250 square miles of coverage with depths ranging from 35' in red to 890' in purple.  There are several areas in the Turtugas where anchoring, spearfishing and entering are prohibited so check the regulations prior to arrival.  

This chip shows the nice muddy bottom for tilefish out in 490', the deep structure in 850 that holds queen snapper and other deep water grouper, and the shallow coral heads / ledges for lobster and monster hogfish!

CMOR Mapping bathymetry arms you with more and better data than anybody else on the water.

NOAA Chart 11013 is included in the background.

All CMOR Cards come on Micro SD cards with a standard SD adapter included.

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Don't have a compatible chartplotter?

Our CMOR Map Pak includes everything you need to use CMOR Cards on any vessel: a Simrad GO7 XSE touchscreen chartplotter with built-in antenna, a SeaSucker suction mount, a Marinco 12V plug, and a custom-fit Pelican dry case.


CMOR Cards are compatible with the following devices:


  • HDS Gen1 series
  • HDS Gen2 series (both keypad and touchscreen)
  • HDS Gen3 series
  • HDS Carbon
  • Elite HDI series
  • Elite CHIRP series
  • Elite Ti series
  • HOOK series


  • NSS
  • NSS evo2
  • NSS evo3
  • NSE
  • NSO evo2
  • GO XSE


CMOR cards are compatible with all units capable of running the Lighthouse II and Lighthouse 3 interfaces. In order to support CMOR Mapping, units must have at least v17 software installed. Units include:

  • Axiom Series
  • aSeries
  • cSeries
  • eSeries
  • eS Series
  • gS Series
  • Dragonfly Series